How did this sex and drug scandal go down?

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Sunday morning, actor and comedian "XYZ" was admitted into Cedars-Sinai Hospital along with a flat-lined female friend who was not able to be revived. Two accompanying female friends were identified as adult film actresses "XYZ#2 and XYZ#3", the third female was a known escort who was a specialty for young male celebrities. Another Hollywood Sex and Drug Scandal. At 6:15am the actor and comedian was treated for a heroin and cocaine overdose and was interviewed by Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies. Since this is has become a criminal investigation, both management of the star and the television studio have declined to comment. LA SHERIFF spokeswoman "XYZ#4" confirms that an investigation is underway and that the D.A. is considering prosecuting all involved.

A local judge issued a search warrant for "XYZ"'s home in the Hollywood Hills. No information on the results of that search have been released by the LAPF or The Sheriff's Department.The downward spiral of "XYZ" into drugs has been a common news item since 2001. How did this go down?

Coming up as a child star and a pop icon, "XYZ" struggled alongside fellow teen actors known as "The Crack Pack" with serious drug and publicity issues. "XYZ" was the only member of that child and teen association to go clean and reclaim his career.

For ten years the climb to the most highly paid actor and revered standup comedian was a hard won feat. Un-bondable by the studios and given up for dead as a working professional, the standup stage proved to be a saving angel. The cynicism and barbed style of delivery, along with the voice of a survivor was exactly what the college audiences were looking for in the age of Bush. This success as a comedian lead to a small role on network TV and then a romance with a reality show sweetheart. This turned "XYZ" into a bad boy turnaround story. True love and clean living elevated this young man into celebrity super-stardom.

Then the awards came. And the money. And the inevitable break up. And then the Sex and Drug scandal.

The fall came quick as an empty heart and rage at his own fame came to a head. His reality show sweetheart was suddenly in the papers with a rock star and the massive pressures of leading a new hit sitcom became too much. Then the fistfight at the MTV Music Awards. Obviously hurting, our golden boy was lashing out. Then the third DUI arrst and 60 days in County Jail.

Then the first overdose.

Family and friends attempted an intervention, but ironically this was during the hiatus for season three of his hit sitcom. "XYZ" ran to Thailand and had to be evicted from his hotel by the national military. Producers for his show are said to be responsible for the extraction and evacuation from Thailand. He is rumored to have been detoxed for two month in Frankfort, Germany.

Then a clean year in Los Angeles until he was asked to host the AVN Awards. Here he met a litany of porn actresses and bad influences and the downward spiral commenced.

Top-notch lawyers have been hired by both the family and the studio to handle this sudden and tragic drug death.

The new of charges involving this sex and drug scandal is expected today at 3:00 PM.

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