When is the New Avatar movie coming out?

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The as yet untitled new Avatar movie has no release date as of yet. Although director James Cameron has expressed an interest in completing a trilogy that would bring the adventures of Jakesully and the Na'vi back to the big screen, he has readily admitted that it's an arduous process. The innovative 3-D technology that was used to bring the lush, completely CGI planet of Pandora to the screen made Avatar a monster of a production, taking nearly five years to complete. This time around Cameron's idea would be to produce the two sequels simultaneously, thereby cutting costs and time from the shoot. The academy award winning director has stated that the earliest the first sequel would arrive in theaters would be around 2014 with the third and final installment coming the following year.

A new Avatar movie would bring audiences back to Pandora, a land full of mythical beasts and endless wonders. The original film smashed almost every box office record known to man on its way to becoming the highest grossing film of all time. It was a classic story of love and humanity, with a cast that didn't feature very many humans. Sam Worthington starred as Jake Sully, an American who was brought to Pandora to assume the "Avatar" of his deceased twin bother. Once inside his Na'vi body, Jake became both enamored and captivated with the spirit and culture of the Na'vi ultimately assimilating to their way of life. Avatar was a love story and a story of belonging and identification, two universal themes in film.

The new avatar movies would likely explore the rest of Pandora, including the other tribes seen in the original movie. Cameron has also stated that he may delve into what lies beneath the oceans of the alien planet, in the same why he did on an earlier film, 1989's "The Abyss"

It's easy to see why audiences are clamoring for a new Avatar movie. The original was ingenious in almost every way a movie can be, yet it contained all the heart and nuance that effects laden films normally lack. There are questions about whether or not the geniuses behind the first film could deliver again with the bar being set so high, but those questions are best left to the skeptics and critics. Cameron, also the director of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, has shown the ability to make competent sequels to hit films before, so there's no reason to think he couldn't do it now. The only questions regarding this production would be the availability of the cast for such a long period of time, and the logistics of the shoot as mentioned above. However, with the wild critical and commercial success of the first avatar movie, no one expects any of the primary cast to give the sequels a pass. So all that remains to be seen is how the new avatar movies look, and when they'll be ready for us all to take a trip back to Pandora.

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