What super hero movies are in the works?

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While many super hero movies tend to fall short of expectations and disappoint audiences, there is no slowing them down. With vast libraries of characters just between Marvel and DC Comics alone, not to mention many more independent comics, super hero movies are here to stay, and should be expected to be a staple of summertime blockbuster fare for years to come, if not decades.

It only takes the success of one "Dark Knight" to justify big budget flops such as "Daredevil" or "Elektra". Indeed, it's safe to say that at any given time, there's a league of heroes just waiting for studio green lights that will bring them to the big screen. The summer of 2011 has had no shortage of super heroes, with "Thor", "Green Lantern", and "Captain America" all making their debut, and the X-Men getting a reboot in "X-Men: First Class". And there's still a number of super hero movies lining up for 2012 and beyond.

Marvel's top character, "Spider-Man", will get his own reboot for 2012, while Thor and Captain America will unite with the Hulk and Iron Man for "The Avengers". As for DC, the Batman will return in "The Dark Knight Rises", and his Justice League partner, Superman, is getting teed up for yet another reboot, which may very well set the stage for the two super heroes to join forces in a "Justice League" movie in a major summer blockbuster in the not so distant future.

Other Marvel characters in the works for their own big screen treatment include "Ant-Man", who also spent time with the Avengers in comic books, sorcerer supreme "Dr. Strange", and "Deadpool", who was already introduced to audiences in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Wolverine himself is also expected to return in another sequel, as are many other characters that audiences are already familiar with, including, "Men In Black", "Iron Man", and "Ghost Rider".

And for those whose films didn't work so well the first time, the old adage of try, try again definitely applies when it comes to super hero movies. "Judge Dredd" and "The Crow" are two reboots already in the works, while "Daredevil" and the "Fantastic Four" will almost certainly return to the big screen in their own reboots as well.

Some super heroes who didn't even originate in the comics are bound to return, with "Hancock 2", "Kick Ass 2", and "G.I. Joe 2", all set to make their return. And if it isn't obvious by now, there's probably no end to the number of "Transformers" films that will be made. Even graphic novels with unconventional super heroes are showing lasting power, as a sequel to "Sin City" is even being set up.

It may take awhile before lesser known and more edgy characters get their time in the spotlight, such as "Preacher", "Lobo" and the "Sandman", but one thing is definitely for sure: If super villains can't stop super heroes from coming back time and time again, then certainly poor numbers at the box office won't stop them either.

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