How has the creativity of sports and entertainment emerged into something far more personal?

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Creativity of Sports and Entertainment

The common athlete has evolved from more than a brute on the field but a cultural icon through the social mediums of Facebook, Twitter, and the constant blur of hourly news. We view athletes now as ambassadors of the region we're from and beacons of ourselves as we live vicariously through them on and off the field.

We have seen athletes transcend the field into politics, Hollywood, and the musical world and it has all been accepted. I write about our athletes and movie stars from the point that encapsulates them entirely, the total package. Media of the time has allowed us to know athletes and superstars alike on an almost personal basis. We know the point guard we watch on TV almost better than we know the distant relative we are only "friends" with on Facebook.

Autographs have been replaced by nods on social media sites all around the idea that we are connected somehow to these physically gifted human beings that make our annual salaries in one night of play. When they mistakes they more criticized than ever as we watch as their personal lives are brought forth to light for journalists and talk show hosts alike to dissect and relate back to us the viewer.

Growing up in Charlotte, North Carolina I have been around concert stages and sports venues my entire life and I have always had an attraction to the appeal of fame. One could say thats why I became a writer, to escape the monotony of the nine to five cubicle life that I have seen encompass my parent's generation. The draw we all have to those who make their living in front of us flashing lights will never fade away, the creativity used my Derrick Rose or Reggie Bush as they dodge in between adversaries isn't all that diverse from the creativity felt by singers and writers.

I believe that all human beings have been blessed with some sort of "ability" whether it is jump shot or a way with words or a knack with computers when we are in are a creative nirvana where we feel like we are truly doing what we are attended to do there is nothing separating us from the lives of the stars only the absence of flashing lights, we are both doing what we are meant to do and thats the way the world works. Even "normal" people, those without fame can feel the hint of its light through the nation's infatuation with viral video and blogosphere, the idea that we all have something to say and that no matter what there is someone out there listening and caring.

In essence my writing will birth from something short and evolve into something far more transparent yet more visceral. I have always found an emphasis of my writing concentrates on the ever emerging relationship born from creativity of sports and entertainment. My journalism focuses less on the play by play stats and more of the emotion involved because while games change and various players shine the energy felt by competition at its highest level will always be beautiful, and by competition I mean not only sport but life in general, the journey to the top of the ladder, the fight to be the one closest to the light.

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