How do I score tickets to an advance screening of an upcoming movie release?

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The theaters anticipate sold out crowds for the upcoming movie release of Pirates of the Caribbean; On Stranger Tides, however, you can be one of the select few to gain bragging rights if you are invited to an advance screening. Often local radio stations will buy out a theater to preview the movie.

Tune in to your local station approximately one to two weeks prior to the upcoming movie release to win tickets. Please keep in mind that they purposely over allocate the free tickets in order to fill the theater to maximum capacity, another words, ARRIVE EARLY! It truly is first come, first seated in these situations and you don't want to be left at the curb because you stopped for coffee on the way.

Secondly, go the the movie website to scope out a fan club. Occasionally they will host contests to award certain fans a position on the red carpet to OOOH and AWWW at the stars, and let's get real, regardless if you're male or female, you'd jump at the chance to see Johnny Depp in person!

Google is a tool I often utilize to find advance screenings. There is a multitude of websites out there that offer free advance screening tickets however, only a select few cities are chosen to showcase movies prior to them going to mass release. It might be worth scoping out though, better to deny the offering than completely miss the opportunity.

If you're getting desperate & tickets aren't falling into your lap, you could always get a second job pronto at the theater so you can watch the upcoming movie release prior to the masses of civilization. No harm no foul while you meet & greet people as an usher while your underlying goal is to sneak a peak at a can't be missed movie!

If these ideas aren't working to your advantage, perhaps it's time to resort to even more desperate measures & actually date someone who works at a theater. Hey, it might be worth the free passes & popcorn to gaze at Johnny Depp's dreamy rendition of Captain Jack Sparrow. Not only will you satisfy your urge to see a hot new release with a hot A List actor, but you'll be putting great karma into the world by dating someone who may not be worthy of your company.

All in all, these are exceptional suggestions to help the underdog get tickets to be one of the cool kids on campus. Although these may not be ideal for everybody, those who choose to man up and venture into the unknown, just might be rewarded highly at the finish line with a fantastic seat to a much anticipated movie while the rest of the herd waits to purchase their tickets days later in the enormous line most likely resulting in a SOLD OUT status situation. My question is this; are you a leader or a follower? Yes my friends...may the movie Force be with you until your MISSION is COMPLETED!

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