Learning How To Make Movies on a Shoestring Budget for Hollywood

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Learning how to make movies is not an easy thing to do especially if you wish to present it to the upper echelon of Hollywood. This does not meant that it is impossible, it just means it is difficult. The information contained below will share with you some tricks and tips that you can use in your movie making efforts. This will especially be helpful to those of you on a shoestring budget.

Location, Location, Location

Location is everything when you make a movie. These are the places where your characters go to participate in the story that you are telling. You will hear many filmmakers talking about donations. When learning how to make movies on a shoestring the word "donation" takes on another meaning entirely. Many people do not have that extra money available for you even if they love you. So when we say donations we mean physical donations. Use the home of a family member or friend for your locations. The same goes for property. Regardless of where your movie takes place you can always have it donated.

Obtaining Cameras

You can get locations donated but you can also get cameras donated (or really cheap). This is much more difficult because these cameras cost a lot of money and many camera houses will not just hand over an expensive camera. If you are a student then you can get the cameras at a discounted rate. You can also borrow cameras from friends and families. In addition, cameras have gone down in price to the point where you can buy a high definition camcorder for under $200.00 and even less if you utilize auction sites.


Cameras are part of the equipment that you will use when you learn how to make movies but there is so much more you may need. A Steadicam rig (also known as a stabilizer), dolly tracks (to slide cameras to motion) and cranes. These items cost several thousands of dollars to purchase and several hundred to rent. Depending on how long your movie is and what you need this may run in the thousands as well. The good news is that these things are easy to make. There are dozens of free plans on the Internet that will instruct you on how to build each of these and many more.


If you ever need to make your movie on a street you will need to have permits. If you need to film in a park or anything controlled by Fish and Game or Parks and Recreation then you will need a permit. There is no escaping this unless you do not mind your shoot being shut down and you paying several hundred in fines. Obtaining a permit is not difficult. You need to make sure you have all of your information handy. Contact the film commission that services the area where you are shooting. You need to know how many days you are shooting, length of each day and list of talent and equipment.

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