What are the best movie soundtracks ever made?

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The movie soundtrack, the bastard child of film and kick-ass songs....though maybe not the coolest thing to admit, but I freakin love me a good movie soundtrack. They are just chock full of awesome tunes, much better than a "best of" collection in my opinion, because it is a mix of best-ofs from different artists....Almost a precursor to the IPOD, if I can stretch it that far.

Okay, so what are the best movie soundtracks ever made? Drum roll, please....

1. Valley Girl- it doesn't get any 80's alternative better. Unless on a college campus, you weren't hearing any of these songs on the radio. And let's face it, no one wanted to purchase the albums (yes, album...Cd's were ust a nerdy pipe dream at this time) of most of these little known bands (except The Pschedelic Furs, everyone should have at least owned one)

2. Pretty in Pink- okay, damned close. Pretty in Pink has a little edge of being more popular because it has the coveted John Hughes movie attached to it, but it still falls shy of Valley Girl's greatness, if only slightly. And guess what, Psychedelic Furs again! Coincidence? I think not.

3. Urban Cowboy- not a country music lover unless this was spinning (yes, albums...I'm old) you couldn;t help but want to do a two-step. Johnny Lee, Charlie Daniels Mickey Gilley. This was the time Travolta could do no wrong.

4. Pulp Fiction- I was freaking addicted to this soundtrack for months...badass. There is not a bad song on the CD. Yes, there were CD's at this time.

5. Grease- I was Sandy. This is one of the only two "musicals" on the list, mainly because it's one of the only musical soundtracks people actually went out to buy, in big numbers.

6. Saturday Night Fever - they always go hand and hand, don't they? This list is being overrun by John Travolta movies. The man knew what he was doing, or his agent did. The Bee Gees immortalized forever as disco gods because of this album.

7. Forrest Gump- Bar none, best collection of 60's and 70's music.

8. The Blues Brothers- genius. A Saturday Night Live skit becomes a true classic film. The Blues brothers has it all- action, comedy...and Arethra Franklin.

9. Purple Rain- Prince, this is your masterpiece. Before this Prince was mentioned in passing, after, he became a musical icon to the likes of Michael Jackson and Madonna. The movie has become dated, but the soundtrack. Well, that is a different story.

10. Vision Quest- yep, I said it. When people think of the best movie soundtracks ever, Vision Quest will hardly be mentioned, though it should. Madonna, Journey, Foreigner, Quarterflash, Berlin...and that's just naming a few artists. And I'm talking their good songs, not B-sides!

So, there it is, the ultimate list, the best movie soundtracks ever put on vinyl...or whatever they make CD's out of these days. My advice is to go to Amazon, or wherever else one buys CD's and purchase them all! Your ears will thank me.

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