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Normally I'm not a person that is really in to the bank robbery movies, but after hearing people rave about this film for the better part of a year and seeing all the nominations it got I thought maybe I should check it out. The only thing I can say is shame on everyone that puts this in the category of bank robbery movies. Now I'm not going to say that this doesn't have a lot to do with robbing banks, however I think film is far more about relationships and what they truly mean in our lives. This film is about how the people in our lives affect us and how what we do affects them. The relationships that often go deeper than love, how many of us have friends that are more like siblings and we say we would die for, yet if the time were to come would we really, the things we hide from our significant others, and the things we hide from our selves. While someone that takes things at face value could watch this film and see a movie about 4 guys robbing banks, and armored trucks, if you are someone that will really take the time to watch this film and take in all into consideration you will find a true love for the story.

The acting in this film was over all really well done. Ben Affleck did a truly wonderful job in both acting and directing, still I would say really needs to work on checking the continuity. There are several times the trees on the street keep going from being green to full golden brown colors of fall. There was also at least 3 times I saw New Jersey license plates on the police cars when this whole film is suppose to be placed in a suburb of Boston and in Boston. Biggest problem for me was really the accent being there then not being there for Jeremy Renner's character. While Renner's acting was truly fantastic the way he kept dropping the thick Southie accent was really obvious.

Last but not least the language. So I had heard from many people that there was a lot of swearing in this movie. They were right. There is several conversations that uses F*#K! about every other word. Most of the time that would kind of bother me as it often shows a lack of imagination, however in this film it is fitting. The 4 main guys in this film are suppose to be rather uneducated, and thugs. The language itself is practically a character. To the people that complained about the language all I can say is get over it, many real people talk that way and this is supposed to be realistic.

Now for my grade, I have a problem with the errors, I truly want to give this an A but just can't justify that. Every time I saw an error it pulled me right out of the film for a few seconds and those seconds add up. I give this film a B.

Still I will say this is really a film worth seeing. If you get a chance please do.

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