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Writing's fun. Particularly if others feel you convey your sentiments well...

Sample from my movie review "American Beauty"

'Lester's infatuation leads him to a dramatic, yet humorous change in his life. He quits his office job and becomes a drive-thru cashier at a fast food joint. If that is not ironic enough, his persistence to stay home often and get in touch with his revived youthful spirit angers Carolyn even more. However Lester always finds a way to silence his wife. Lester wastes no time in improving his life and begins working out feverishly in his garage, buys New Age nutritional meals and takes advantage of the meaning of the lap of luxury in his home - only a small sample of the comedic attitude and charisma of Lester. The witty imagination of screenwriter Alan Ball and the improvisation of Kevin Spacey brings all this to you. Another example of this camaraderie is when he finds his weights, a grin spills on his face like a child on Christmas morning.'

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