Is Mission Impossible 4 just a ghost of it's predecessor?

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Mission: Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol, A Review.

Tom Cruise proves that #4 is mission possible, in a surprisingly refreshing, gravity-defying thrill-ride, once again making us love Ethan Hunt.

Since the release of its first movie in 1996, the Mission Impossible series has become well-known in households as well as the entertainment world. Mission Impossible 4 continues the tradition of each new installment bringing bigger explosions, higher-voltage tensions, and increasingly dangerous stunts than its predecessor.

The success of the Mission Impossible franchise rides on Tom Cruise, one of the most talented, good-looking, and well-seasoned actors of our time. Admittedly, a large part of the excitement also comes from a personality trait that he’s hardly kept a secret - his constant need to prove himself, his eternal quest for validation. What really draws the crowds is the question of what crazy stunt Tom Cruise has managed to survive this time. As I sit with sweaty palms on the edge of my seat, watching him scale the world’s tallest building, I know, but find myself praying anyway that he makes it. How does he manage to do that?

From the opening sequence, the movie explodes with action. We see an agent trying to intercept a courier, but getting killed by a beautiful assassin. The Russians deem the attack an undeclared act of war causing the United States president to activate "Ghost Protocol," a black operation contingency that disavows the entire IMF, pinning the blame upon Ethan Hunt and his team. Ethan’s objective, with the help of a few very gifted operatives, is to track down the real enemy Cobalt.

The supporting cast is a worthy complement to Tom Cruise. Paula Patton, from the drama “Precious,” was a lovely sidekick, but the relationship between her and Ethan Hunt suffers from a lack of the usual romantic spark. Her agenda is to avenge her partner’s death. Simon Pegg plays a technically literate operative, providing much needed comic relief. Jeremy Renner gives a very believable performance as William Brandt, a man whose seemingly transparent background provides an unexpected twist. Michael Nyqvist, while a serviceable villain, doesn’t really make an imprint in the movie, appearing with the requisite silver briefcase in a few exotic locales. All the audience really needs to know is that he’s the one that will face off with Tom Cruise in the end. Of course, the victor will be an epic mystery, right?

Mission Impossible 4 is a strong installment of the franchise, which I’m sure will crank out yet another sequel, as long as Tom Cruise keeps trying to prove that he’s relevant no matter his age. Even after fifteen years -- an eternity in Hollywood -- Mission Impossible is as popular as ever. With the pervasive action, huge thrills, and the insane gravity-defying stunts, this movie is sure to please both Tom Cruise fans and adrenaline junkies alike.

In the spirit of Mission Impossible 4, I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. See it! This review will self-destruct in 5...4...3...2...1...

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