There was an alternate ending to Clerks?

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'Dante and Randall's observations and quips on relationships and life in general make for something to watch onscreen as they babble and analyze Star Wars and other random things, a formula Smith seems to have mastered. He seems adept at putting real, uncontrived conversations into his script and having the characters spiel them out unrelentingly in real life scenarios.

Although he is involved with his current girlfriend, Dante wanes in disappointment when he learns that his high school sweetheart is engaged. Dante, down but not out, tries to get back with her the best he can, sacrificing the trust of his current girlfriend, overcoming his spunky yet not always helpful friend, and dealing with annoying customers in the process. Being a friend, in the way he feels he can be, or in the only way he knows how, Randall himself strikes a nerve with our guy on a regular basis throughout the day, with an unnerving approach in his words of advice (this being his mix of sarcasm and speaking with his honest opinions). An example of which is a notable speech given by Randall when the two finally have had quite enough of each other for one Saturday.

What adds to Clerks is one of the main things the film satirizes: The customers, the average and not so average Joe who picks up their daily paper and pack of cigarettes. One of the most memorable scenes is when a lowly sales representative tries to sell chewing gum by waging an anti-smoking campaign against the store. Dante is caught in the crossfire of this corporate phony, and is left with his girlfriend to tell how much he really hates his job. Once he learns some secrets about her in the process, things get even more frustrating for Dante, who should be at home sleeping.

Co-starring are two infamous and colorful characters: Jay and Silent Bob - Generation X's answer to Laurel and Hardy. The two converse outside Dante and Randall's work, providing some additional laughs that blend well with those that come from within the stores they loiter in front of.

The film itself has a seldom known, yet ironic alternate ending in which I will not mention in detail, but did not work this alternate ending to Clerks into his final cut of his low budget cult classic. The alternate ending to Clerks is on a DVD easter egg. But then again his reasoning about it doesn't convince me that he was totally against ruling it out in the first place. All the more, I know Kevin Smith puts a lot of thought into his writing and nothing proves that more than this movie. Clerks is a must see for any teenager or 20 something looking for a laugh with some eye raising events thrown into the mix. It's recommended especially for those who really hated their summer job and are looking for some comic relief. Look no further than Clerks. See you at the checkout counter...'

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