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There's nothing like a Saturday night spent home alone with a pizza delivery driver on the way and a hilarious movie on your TV in front of you. But, with so many funnies constantly being thrown into theaters--and with so many disappointments--how can anyone be sure what's not going to be a waste of time? After all, there's nothing worse than spending an hour and a half trying to enjoy a movie, but ultimately being unable to because the flick was made by a bunch of people who don't care or are incapable of provoking laughter. Well, if you can catch the following movies, know that any night that was wasted up until now can be redeemed because these are some of the most rewatchable movies ever created. So, without further adieu, here are 5 Comedies You Shouldn't Miss.5. Couples Retreat

This movie stars Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Jason Bateman, and Kristen Bell. It provides audiences not only with genuine, perfectly executed humor, but a nice story about different couples put into a romantically trying situation. These are actors who have been doing comedy for years, all coming from different backgrounds, and they work together beautifully. This isn't a movie like Get Hard: a popcorn flick containing two comedy juggernauts who for some reason can't produce a laugh from the audience that isn't from pity. No, these actors work in unison, constantly riffing off of each other in hilarity.

4. HitchFor some reason, this movie seemed to be released at a time when other big flicks were being advertised, so it lost a lot of the glory that it should have earned. However, nonetheless, Will Smith and Kevin James have an on-screen chemistry that I'm amazed didn't warrant a sequel. Kevin James is a rather lethargic, clumsy man who finds himself in love with one of the richest women in the world. Will Smith is the "date doctor", evening the odds for men as he guides them in approaching women. The two are genius.

3. Horrible Bosses 2

Filmmakers seem to be cursed when it comes to making a sequel to a movie that did extremely well. However, they completely did away with this in the production of Horrible Bosses 2. It brought back Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day in a fresh story while still bringing more slapstick humor to the table. This movie was a win. Enough said.

2. The Wedding Ringer

When you pair an overnight success comedian with one of the most underrated actors of all time, it's bound to impress. While The Wedding Ringer didn't bring critics to their knees, fans of Kevin Hart and Josh Gad will praise this movie while showing critics their favorite finger. The movie was an unexpected success, telling the story of love how it really is while showing how to turn an average script into gold when you hire the right actors.

1. Horrible Bosses

Here it is; the number one pick. Horrible Bosses brings together three comedians with entirely different origins who work so well together that simply watching them enter a room can bring the laughs on. These working men have bosses that could not be worse: one cocaine-addicted jerk, one sex addicted psychopath, and one murdering, lying lunatic who for some reason had managed to stay in his cage until now. (Colin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston, and Kevin Spacey also contribute to the movie's awesomeness as the perfect antagonists). The movie executes what a comedy should do with perfection. It tells a flawless story from beginning to end while deviating towards unexpected twists and performing comedy that will make you laugh out loud. If you haven't seen this movie, clear your "best comedy" spot, have a seat, and prepare for something great.

So, with all these movies in your arsenal, you can turn on any one of them during a night when you just can't find a movie to watch. The best part: you can revisit them at any time. These movies will entertain again and again without failure. They're the kind of flicks you just want to restart as soon as the credits roll, and that makes them, by all means, comedies you shouldn't miss.

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