What is the best action movie

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The best action movie in my opinion has to be the Expendables. This all star cast including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Steve Austin, Randy Couture, And Terry Crews. The film also has cameos from Bruce Willis and the Governator himself. The leader of this merry band of badasses is Barney Ross (Stallone) a war hardened man now mecanary for hire. His second in command is Lee Christmas (Statham) a master of the blade. In the opening scene, they are rescuing hostages on a seagoing vessel. After a tense standoff, the team quickly gains control of the bad guys. With the mission complete, they prepare to extract when Gunnar Jensen (Lundgren) isnt satisfied. As he prepares to hang one of the bad guys over the side, Yin Yang (Li) intervenes and is quickly overtaken. The rest of the team subdues him and they head back to their plane, a grumman goose. Once back they all settle into their lives till the next job comes up. The crew hangs out with the retired Tool's (Rourke) tattoo shop and serves as the crews clubhouse. In need of a new job, Barney is sought out by Mr. Church (Willis) for a meeting in a church. They wait for the other party to show when the door to the church opens and a sillhouette of a man smoking a cigar. Suprise, no one other than Barneys biggest competition Trench (Swarzenegger). Some quick banter and there down to buisness. Mr. Church explains the situaton of a Ex CIA operative (Eric Roberts) taking control of a South American country. Trench declines the offer leaving it to Barney. He gets the crew together and discusses the job and decides in the way of a recon mission to check it out. Barney and Lee take the plane down to the country disguised as Ecological surveyors. They walk though the town on the way to meet their contact when thy see the army roll through town. They begin to take notes and snap pictures. After they meet the contact, they take a truck tour of the town. Against the contacts advice, they venture to the castle deemed off limits by the army riddled with coca fields. They are quickly spotted by a sentry crew and begin their great escape. leaving explsions and dead soldiers in their wake, they make their way to the plane. Knowing that if they leave the contact there, she is surely going to be killed they try to take her with and she refuses. Once safely back in the states, Barney's guilt gets the best of him and gets the crew together to finish the job. All of the elements of the best action movie are there. The greatest action stars of the past two decades in one film nicely packaged in testosteone with sprinkles of fighting and laced with explosions, gunfire and gratuitous violence. Just the ticket for all you adrenelin junkies out thre, so strap in and enjoy the show!

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