Where can I find upcoming movie reviews?

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It's that time of the year again. Summer is over and Fall is now upon us. That means kids are going back to school, leaves are starting to fall off the trees, and movie studios are starting to release movies that are not good enough for Summer but not quite good enough to win an Oscar. So what movie should you go see? Where can you find upcoming movie reviews? Who's opinion are you supposed to trust?

Luckily there is one place where you can go to see all of the best movie reviews and more, rottentomatoes.com. It really has everything you could ever want in a movie review website. Once you check out this website you will never choose anything else.

One problem that I have with other review websites is that they just have one critic's opinion for the entire site. In today's economy movie tickets are getting more expensive and becoming a huge commitment. A commitment that can make or break your wallet, your night, and (depending on how good or bad the movie ultimately is) your relationship! So why trust just one person with this great responsibility? You deserve more.

Rottentomatoes.com has gathered hundreds of certified film critics from critics associations so you can easily see everything all in one page. There is even a grade next to each movie title so you can get a quick average of the reviews. The best thing about this system, once you see how easy it is to use, is you even get introduced to movies you may have never heard about just because of their great rating.

Although it's rare there are times when movie critics are not always the best judges. So Rotten Tomatoes has added a second rating called the User rating. Users themselves can actually rate and review any movies they have seen. The best part about this is that sometimes I don't have time or the want to read an in depth critique by Roger Ebert on the reason why "The Devil Wears Prada" was an emotionally gripping story. In fact I would rather read Jim a trucker from Wyoming review where he writes "The movie was actually a chick flick guys would enjoy", because that is the only way I would have ever seen that movie.

The site is not only a review website but thanks to their partnership with flixter you can also look up showtimes and purchase tickets there as well. It has truly become a one stop shop for movies. Last week me and my girlfriend were planning on seeing a movie but we couldn't decide between two films. Thanks to the free mobile app that rottentomatoes.com has I was able to compare the two movies very quickly. Once we decided on a movie we realized that we would be late if we had to wait in line to buy tickets so we bought them through their site. We immediately passed the line, enjoyed the movie and had a great night. The answer is very clear. When you are looking for a website with the best upcoming movie reviews you need to go to rottentomatoes.com since you would be wasting your time with all websites.

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