Are you looking for a professional copywriter for business or entertainment projects?

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Answered by: Glen, An Expert in the Movie Trailers and Clips Category
Are you looking for a professional copywriter professional copywriter for business or entertainment projects? You don’t know me, but you probably know my work…you’ve heard my words read by a narrator during the trailers at the movies, read my copy on the back of the box when you rented a DVD, or you’ve glanced at my copy line for a bank on a bus shelter. My credits range from promotions for movies and television shows to computer games, DVD packages, image ads for banks and concepts for candy bars. My clients include Finance America, Mattel, Nestle, Kaplan, THQ, Creditmax, Malibu Fine Art, Winters Financial group, Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Fox Broadcasting, CNN, and Lifetime, to name just a few. Please copy and paste the following link to see my business portfolio: - type in the word "open" to unlock. Please copy and paste the following link to see my entertainment portfolio: - type in the word "open" to unlock.

Please consider me a senior copywriter for online and offline advertising including product descriptions, e-commerce scripts, gaming, print, TV, radio, outdoor, movie trailers and websites. I have Extensive experience writing entertainment promotion including posters, trailers, TV spots, DVD boxes, synopses, banners, websites, radio spots and interstitials.

     Scriptwriter for e-commerce products for Home Depot, ShoeBuy, Hamilton Beach and Altrec.

     Website copywriter for a variety of profit and non-profit clients.

     Business letters, brochures, sales sheets and annual report copy for corporate clients.

     Naming and promotion of games, movies, and TV shows.

     Branding consultant for traditional and new media.

On the entertainment side, my projects include one sheets, print campaigns, DVD packaging, theatrical trailers, TV spots, radio spots, outdoor, new titles, teaser campaigns, presentation reels, websites, e-commerce, banner headlines and sell sheets.

     Clients include: Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, Alkemi, Artisan, MGM, Focus Features, Mattel, POV Design, POV

Kids, and Pulse Advertising.

     Projects include: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Army Wives, Burn Notice, Family Guy, Aliens vs. Predator, Babel, Ocean's 13, Lost, Jackass 2, Ugly Betty, The

Tourist, and Howard Stern.

As a professional copywriter for business, I am comfortable doing everything from a simple business letter to a complete campaign to launch a product or brand. Please consider me for any projects large or small. I am easy to work with and always your project first. I pride myself in never missing a deadline and always maintaining a professional attitude from the start of the project, through revisions and completion. Unlike a lot of writers, I pride myself in the ability to serve your vision and ideas rather than impose my own. I love to be consulted for the "Big Idea", but I also appreciate that no one knows your project better than you and my role is to serve your needs, professionally and with a great "can do" attitude.

I hope you like my work and will keep me in mind for any projects that might call for a professional copywriter for business, entertainment, branding, advertising or websites.

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