What are the controversial issues in movies today that contain philosophy?

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The controversial issue between the origins of life has aroused from the beginning of our time. One of the most basic questions that has been puzzling our minds since the day we have come to realize the nature of these questions is, ‘how did we come about?’ Or, ‘what is our purpose in life?’ These questions are the base of our life. They are the meanings of our lives. When asked these questions, the ideal answer to this question is evolution. Philosophers such as, Charles Darwin, an English naturalist, has proved the theory of evolution by going through a series of evidence including, natural selection. The basis of natural selection is that we evolved from our ancestors over time. Darwin’s take on evolution was quickly captured by the general public and soon accepted by the scientific community. However, the Christians and the rest of the religious community, also known as theists, disliked this idea. They became known as Creationists and have adapted the idea of creationism. The belief that an absolute god created life out of nothing. They strongly opposed Darwin’s idea of evolution at that time. Creationists supported their idea of Creationism by using crucial evidence of the bible and religious teachings. The creation-evolution controversy has sparked much evidence defending one argument to another, but one more than the other.

Although the origins of life on earth have not been discovered, the most logical explanation of how life all started is evolution. Evolution is a concept that deals with science and life experience. During the late 1800s, an English naturalist that became famous by his evolution theory and his theory of natural selection was Charles Darwin. His British voyage around the world gave enough evidence to support these theories of evolution. During his expedition he collected evidence on animals, plants and fossils. After coming to an end of his expedition, he came to the conclusion that all living organisms change varying to its environment. He later then wrote the book, ‘Origin of Species’. After the science community found much astonishment in Darwin’s findings, they accepted the theory of evolution. There was too much evidence supporting the theory of evolution that it was widely accepted by the world.

The theory of evolution is solely based on a series of life experiences and evidence. Scientist discovered remnants of our ancient ancestors that date back to 3 to 4 billion of years ago. More evidence that supported the theory of evolution was the fossil record of change in earlier species, the chemical and anatomical similarities of related life forms, and the geographic distribution between related species. They came to an analysis that living creatures evolved by natural means after the origin of the first life.

The debate between how the universe began is referred to as the, ‘Great Debate.’ The controversy began when the religious community opposed Darwin’s idea of evolution. Christians, Jews and many other religions found it difficult to accept evolution because of their religious beliefs. They based their belief on the bible. This, in fact has no significant proof that makes it true. But after further arguments and contradictions with scientists and philosophers, they used evidence from the fields of paleontology, geology, biology, and astronomy. They believed that God started it all. Life, Earth and the essence of nature was all put here by God. However we will never be able to disprove the existence of God because he's not part of our physical world. Therefore, the idea of creationism is not a hypothesis but a speculation. It is not a reasonable proposal.

The argument between Creationism versus Evolution will never be disproved. It is logically impossible to say which is right or which is wrong. Although the theory of evolution is based on more realistic and subjective evidence, there are still contradictions that surround it. Evolution can eventually be disproved by some sort of archeological finding or another kind of physical evidence. But that doesn’t say that creationism is more reasonable than evolution. Because both arguments conclude that the world started from nothing. This gives both arguments equal grounds. But evolution gets the upper hand because there is more logical evidence supporting it. Therefore, the fact that we exist right now cannot be proved to be real or not. In this world we live in there is no actually proof of how it all started but we are just born to be taught of what is right. In modern society today, controversial issues in movies are very common in Hollywood. Hollywood provide these issues because they like to stir up the crowd and cause mayhem amongst the audience. Controversial issues in movies are becoming more common then ever in today's modern society.,

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