What do you do to learn how to write films?

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How to Write Films. Here is how you do it. Use your creativity! The first thing you do is study any and every screenplay you can and try to find common ground in them. Also, read every thing you can on how to format a screenplay. Take notes from the professionals, they are professionals for a reason! After you have done your homework, come up with a possible story line (plot) and the main characters of the story. Then, you write it down on a piece of paper and stare at it for a couple of days. Now, IF your story is as good as it was when you thought about it, (which I doubt) then you continue the process. If your story is not good at all or just happens to be unbelievable or stupid, then erase it and come up with the same story line and write it down again. Only this time, imagine yourself in the film that you are trying to create. This will make your creation into a real life scenario. Imagine yourself fighting the war or whatever crazy creation you have on that paper. Does your story seem plausible? Is it original or just another predictable story? Most likely it is not good enough yet! You now need to come up with a better story line, one that will knock your socks off. Remember, be creative! This is very important! By this time, IF you should have a pretty decent plot for your story. Now, it is time to develop your characters. Who is the good guy, the bad guy and what are their goals in the story? Set a major goal for your characters. Once you figure that out, throw some major obstacles in their way that might make it seem impossible for them to complete that goal. Come up with the story in your head, and use a scratchpad to write the basics of the plot onto. That way you know where and what your characters are going to do. Make it exciting and original, because there are thousands of people out there with better and more original stories than yours! Now come up with a title, something that goes with your story keep it short and simple though, you will not sell a movie titled " So I was at the grocery store when the bombs went off, now it is time to kick some butt" So keep it simple, but make it POP out! Once you have everything you need to write the story, then you can start. For warning, pace yourself and the story. I can not stress this enough, you could have the best story in the world, but if you do not pace your story then you will write all the exciting parts within the first 50 pages. So once again, PACE YOURSELF! Now, when you write this story make it explosive throughout the whole movie, there is not a screenplay reader out there that wants to read over a hundred pages of boring material. Your job is to impress them, they have hundreds of screenplays in front of them, so make yours the one they want to read and recommend! Once your screenplay is written, REWRITE IT! Look for typos, grammar mistakes, and plot holes. You have three rules to abide by when writing a screenplay, those rules are: WRITE, REWRITE AND REVIEW! Once you have rewritten the screenplay, then review it. To review it, you simply read through the entire script, if you are satisfied with the story, characters, dialogue and so forth, then congratulations you have written a screenplay! Give yourself a pat on the back. This concludes How to Write Films.

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