What is the Best Way to Optimize Content for a Global Feature Filmmaking Website?

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It's all about being clever, especially when your website is about something that everyone online is talking about: Global Feature Filmmaking.

Let's face it, the sad reality is nobody really cares about who won the Nobel Prize in Mathematics, but winning an Oscar is even more important to people who follow entertainment news than an Olympic Gold Medal. Even "serious" websites like the Huffington Post and the Daily Beast have to have their fill of news about film. One of the most popular blogs on the New York Times website, The Carpetbagger, is entirely dedicated to the award season. It's so important that it has its own dedicated video crew.

By "clever" I mean you have to insert the keywords that search engine robots are going to be attracted to, but in a way that doesn't turn the reader off. Keywords in text are crucial. So for a site with a Global Feature Filmmaking theme, you would want to make sure that all relevant terms, like "Oscars," "Golden Globes," "Screen Actors Guild," "Box Office," "Red Carpet," Premiere", etc., are covered. And jam as many international stars in there as you can as well.

The best resource for the most searched stars of the moment is the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). There you can find actors listed by their Starmeter Rating, which is an indication of where a performer stands in terms of internet searches. Today's top ten IMDb ranking, for instance, includes (in order of importance): Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Jesse Eisenberg, James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Johnny Depp.

This list tells us a great deal, namely that currently people are searching for anything relating to the Oscars when they are online reading about Global Feature Filmmaking. With Portman and Kunis in the top two spots, this means that the movie "Black Swan" is the most searched and talked about film online as of February 14, 2011. Christian Bale's presence in third place means that the dark horse of the Oscars, "The Fighter," stands a fighting chance, at least with audiences. The former favorite to win top prizes, "The Social Network," only has one actor in the top ten, Jesse Eisenberg. Interestingly, a film that came out early last year, "Inception," has two stars in the top ten, Tom Hardy and Joesph Gordon-Levitt. It's looking very good for that film, too.

Incidentally, my own Starmeter rating in pathetically low today. I am the 444,850th most searched-about person in the business. But as a writer/director/producer of independent films, I will never rank as high as a famous actor, unless I achieve a level of stardom like Steven Spielberg, which will never happen.

So now you get a better idea of the kind of content a page about Global Feature Filmmaking needs to have. Many people tend to think that great design with gorgeous images and video will be enough to drive people to their websites. But search engine robots can't read images or film. So the text that is embedded in the great design, that surrounds the video and the great images as tags, is as important as the way a page looks, if not more so. You can always tweak design, but if no one sees it because they can't find it, what's the point?

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