What is the future of cinema?

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The future of cinema is as questionable as many of the films that have been made over the past 10 years. There have been some shining stars, and some flat-out cinematic bombs. I fear that we as filmmakers have forgotten our roots, and that the culture of cinema is changing so much that it is less about art and more about monetary gain.

The first example of this is the 3D craze that has swept over the film industry. It's sad to see the ticket prices go up for films whose subject matters are not only weak, but cliche and repetitive. If I wanted to see a 3d movie, I would go to a theme park. We seem to have forgotten about the days of Hitchcock and Bogart, where being involved in the filmmaking process was no different than a painter making his masterpiece.

I blame much of this on the current state of not only my generation but the generation who is following. We need everything now, and in excess. It not only has to taste good, but it has to be fast and cheap also. We settle for the easy ways out, and this is being reflected in much of American cinema. We need to look more to the foreign market where filmmakers in Spain and France are breaking boundaries on genre's American filmmakers helped create. As a country, our cinema has become to big for itself, and we need to dumb it back down to it's basic form and simplistic roots.

Another issue is the rise in stupidity of the American people. This is best seen in not only the film industry but the music industry as well. Children and adults will listen to anything with a catchy chorus, and will watch anything with a couple of name actors, a cool 3D special effect, and any of the nation's top pop icons on the soundtrack. It isn't hard to make money in Hollywood these days, in fact it's so easy that anyone with a million bucks to their name can double that money by making something dimwitted and easily digested.

I fear that if more and more artists refuse to combat the new Hollywood system, and keep Independent films alive, cinema as a culture will die and we will be left with nothing more than the idiots who brought us down this path. We must take a stand against censorship and against the conglomerates of this industry to keep art in the hands of the artists. To do this, people need to start supporting their local art houses and museums. Theaters need to begin playing older films on their screens along with new, independent films made with small budgets and big hearts.

Give the power back to the artists, much like Dennis Hopper fought for in the 70s, and we will have another cinematic revolution that will once again bring our industry back to where it started. Filmmaking is dreaming, and in order to succeed we must have dreamers. The future of cinema is in grave danger.

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