What Makes A Good Movie Good?

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There's more to a good movie than most people think. Why? Judgement comes down to personal taste.

However, there are a few movies that almost everyone can agree are good movies. To find out what, at the

core of movies makes them good let's look over a few of those examples that are universally good movies.

     There are certain components that we should look at. These are the same things we'd look for in a

written work of fiction. A good movie will have, not just interesting but, endearing characters. Characters

that, while watching the film, will make us empathize and care about what happens to them throughout their

cinematic journey. Not only endearing but deplorable characters as well. Characters we WANT something bad

to happen to. It allows the audience to converse about their views on who were the good guys and who were

the villains. This let's us, as the audience, to perpetuate and embellish on the film with our own imaginations.

     Another component is the story itself. Is it believable? Are we watching this movie, feeling like

it could happen to us? Or are we, instead, sitting back with a half-frown on our face waiting for the next

time to sigh at whatever ridiculousness the script writer and director agreed upon? I use vague terms for

this because not everyone likes the same genres.

     As for the genres of a good movies. At risk of sounding potentially callous, I think most critics

can agree that if a movie is working towards being good it will be one of two things. Either it will be very

outlandish and push the boundaries of what we know/think or it will stick strongly to the genre it set out to be.

For example, an action movie that tries to fit too much philosophy into it usually ends up losing viewers due to

the fact that they came to the theater to watch explosions and slow-motion walking. On the opposite end of the

spectrum, if a deep mind-bending movie takes away everything it has give you through the time from start to the

twist ending, it too will probably be devoid of a cult following much less great reviews.

     Onto the examples of good movies that it seems most people tend to like or even love. The movie

"Fight Club" did a great job of leading us gently by the hand into the world of an insomniac who hates his life.

Throughout the movie, we are drawn more and more into the enigma that surrounds his best friend "Tyler." About an

hour and a half into the film the carpet is yanked out from under us and turns the world upside down. Yet the

way the movie is written, instead of complain about the egg on our forehead we sit right back down and MUST go

through the rest of this journey with our characters. Why? We've been drawn in. We've become the characters.

     Another few good movies that keep us invested in the characters are "Pulp Fiction," "Equilibrium,"

and "Law Abiding Citizen." Yes, all 3 of these movies are, in some way, considered action movies. Yet there's

something different about all of these. The characters put in play don't just feed us lines to make us feel

the adrenaline rush we require from the genre but they pull on different heart strings throughout their respective

films. We find ourselves torn over their decisions, fearing not only for them but for us as well. They make us

question how we once felt about certain situations and it doesn't just terrify us, it intrigues us.

     Characters aren't the only important part in good movies. If these movies didn't have an original

non-regurgitated plot for us to be thrown into most people probably wouldn't like them as much. It's simply not

as easy to find yourself on the edge of your seat if you've seen the same movie with different names and a few

different catch-phrases used by our main characters. Plot goes a long way with even the slightest bit of

originality. Then again, I guess one could argue the "Scary Movie" franchise invalidates that point.

     Regardless of if you disagree with the movies I've listed as good movies could you honestly say that

the points made disagree with what you like in a movie? You want to be away from your own life and originality

and dis/likable characters achieve that. To be concise, what would YOU say makes "good" movies?

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