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Old women trip and fall after him; young women and glamor models find him irresistible; Puberty has yet to find him…Mark Tyler that is, a scrawny, 30 year old, college professor, on the run from puberty and sex since catching his parents in the act as a child.

But puberty won't be denied. Welcome to PUBE-THIRTY, a Sci-fi Sex Comedy, where puberty has never hurt so good. As Mark avoids joggers who prank him by flashing him, and an old, forgotten movie star who literally stumbles and falls after him, the voice of puberty is determined to have its way as it struggles to physically kick in puberty for Mark. After Mark's grandfather suffers a heart attack from taking some expired sex pills, Mark stands to inherit five million dollars, providing he can do one thing...knock a girl up!Between Mark's nymphomaniac parents who appear every time he gets romantically close to a girl, and Mark's friend, Pierre, a pretentious, French lover who in fact is a Black man who is in denial of his African American ethnicity, Mark can't get any relief, not even in his local grocery store. There he encounters a mute nun who becomes so sexually overwhelmed by him, that she tries to communicate her sexual desires for him while still maintaining her faithful vows.

Not to be outdone, Mark barely escapes a loud talking, Black Woman with a well endowed, rear end. Barely avoiding Lorraine's ever stumbling advances, Mark thinks he at least safe in his dreams, but even dream girls dream about money! In dreams, two, British glamor models do their darn-est to seduce Mark. Using a condom as a pellet, Mark is about to knock them out of his dreams...at least for now.College proves to be an ever greater challenge for Mark. After making an entire squad of drop-dead gorgeous cheerleaders faint at the mere sight of him, Mark encounters Chancellor Athena Sweaty, who begins going through rounds of intense hot flashes. Sonia, the luscious, Italian art professor, seems to be the only woman immune to his sex appeal...at least for now.

After dodging a buxom, Japanese student who chokes and hiccups every time she sees him, Mark finds true love knocking from Isabelle, a student and the first woman whom doesn't give him visions of his parents. Avoiding Isabelle's not so blind bully for a son, Melvin, Mark and Isabelle are ready to take their relationship to the next step, Sonia learns of the inheritance that Mark stands to gain, and begins plans to entrap Mark through her wit, and irresistible curves.

After scaring of the British glamor models with his musty aroma out of his dreams, Isabelle breaks up with Mark after she catches him in the act with Sonia who cons Mark into marrying her with a false pregnancy. Will money stand in the way of true love? Will puberty finally have his way?

Puberty has never hurt so good as Made U Look Productions presents PUBE-THIRTY, a Sci-fi Sex Comedy where the blind pretend to be blind, gags are plenty…and the women are plenty and bare!

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