Why is The Princess Bride the best movie?

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A young boy, is sick in bed with the flu playing video games. The last thing he wants is his grandfather reading him some kissing story. Reluctantly, the boy agrees to let his grandfather read The Princess Bride to him, a novel that has been read in their family from generation to generation. He expects an everyday story with your usual prince, princess, villain, rescue, and romance. But this book had a lot more to offer. The strength of true love is essentially the makeup of the story line for the novel. A beautiful girl named Buttercup falls in love with her farm hand, Westley. It's the perfect relationship until Prince Humperdinck picks Buttercup to become his bride. Suddenly, another complication occurs—Buttercup is unexpectedly kidnapped by a group of three evil villains, in which Westley must battle to win back his one and only love. It sounds simple, but the fun has only just begun.

The Princess Bride is one of the best movies, but it really can not be categorized. It has something for everyone. Romance, fantasy, comedy, and action are just a few genres this movie falls under all at once. It is light-hearted and thought provoking with a bite of wit. It brings a tear to your eye in one scene and has you laughing heartily in the next. Even the young boy, who is being read the novel in the movie, is surprised with how much this story has to offer. The movie has remained quotable over decades, which is no small feat in an ever-changing society. The actors all portray their characters wonderfully and fit well together. Picking one favorite character is difficult, if not impossible. To make it even more challenging, there are essentially two sets of main characters. One set consists of a grandfather, who is reading the book, and his grandson, who is begrudgingly (at first) listening to the story. The second set is within the story being told - Wesley and Buttercup. Then there are all of the interesting support characters within the story. How do you decide between a loving grandfather, a boy discovering a love of great stories, a handsome hero, a beautiful woman, a swordsman with a mind for revenge, a sweet giant, and a witty mastermind, who does not seem to own a dictionary, as your favorite character? They are all lovable and each has an interesting back-story. This really is one of those movies that seems like all others until you watch it. From the cover and name one would guess a romance or at the most a romantic comedy, but a few minutes into the movie you realize you have struck gold. It takes you on an adventure that engrosses you and the boy being read the book. It is truly a masterpiece that I have not seen recreated in any other film since it's debut in 1987. Finding any other movie more well-liked over that many genres and interests is in a word, Inconceivable!

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