Know good movies coming out this weekend?

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Non movie buffs faced with an empty weekend might ask friends or co-workers "know any good movies coming out this weekend?" This is based on the premise that you either respect the person enough or have similar movie tastes as the person you are asking. Typically people will ask this question not giving too much thought to the other person or their tastes but rather as a means of breaking the uncomfortable silence. Someone might have overheard you talking about a movie that you'd recently seen and thought asking "know any good movies coming out this weekend?" would suffice to killing a few moments of time. However, for a movie buff or someone that generally loves movies this question will more than fill the span of a few uncomfortable minutes. A lover of movies can talk your ear off all throughout your lunch hour. They have information on movies you've never even heard about. They'll say things like "his last movie just came out a few months ago" or "I don't think I'm ready to see him so soon after that last flop of hers". Movie buffs are quiet about their passion for the most part because they don't want to be labeled a critic. Critics for the movie buffs are the professionals that never truly enjoy a movie and are too focused on taking notes on whether or not all the essences of cinema are present in a movie. Critics say things like "there wasn't any tangible plot" when it comes to the latest action movie. Of course there wouldn't be a plot. You don't go to an action movie to find an in-depth plot, you go there to waste a few hours and laugh at how much reality can be stretched to be just believable. Movie buffs have a passion about movies. They will spend their hard earned money to see something on the silver screen while critics will be paid to rate the movie. A true movie buff will see anything. Be in a "kid's movie" to a "chick flick" or better known as a "romance". A movie buff will even see a movie when the obviousness of a movie is revealed through the trailers advertising the movie. Seeing the movie is the thrill of the hunt. Because every avid movie buff will tell you about that one movie that they were sure was going to turn out one way, but then something happened that threw everything for a loop. They look for those little diamonds amidst the seemingly endless cookie cutter movies that plague the show times today. Movie buffs look hopeful into the future when Hollywood finally runs out of things to re-make or re-release the same movie that came out last month with the only difference being the actors. If you want to fill your weekend's open space with a good movie all you need to do is find yourself a movie buff. They are everywhere and they are easy to spot. Just ask them this simple question: "know anything good coming out this weekend?"

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