Can Lady Gaga win this year's Original Song Oscar?

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Pop culture megastar Lady Gaga has shown that she is an awards darling since her career's initial inception. After only being a big name in the industry for 7-8 years, she has managed to win hundreds of accolades. Most notably, the singer-songwriter has already picked up a current career total of 6 GRAMMYs for her work on her albums, "The Fame," "The Fame Monster" and "Cheek to Cheek." While it seems obvious that Gaga has already conquered the music world with multiple award wins, not many could predict a future for her that could include prospective nominations at the Academy Awards (ok, so I may be speaking a little too soon on this one, but she's a front-runner for a nomination...not to mention she delivered a show-stopping tribute performance for "The Sound of Music" last year and that has to help some).

She has tried it once in years past; she worked on a song called "Hello, Hello" with Elton John for an animated film a few years ago that never received any award recognition. However, this year seems to tell a different story. Not only did she kick the year off with a Grammy win in February of 2015 and her iconic "The Sound of Music" performance, but she also continued to dominate headlines throughout the year without ever releasing a new album. She was named a Contemporary Icon by the songwriters hall of fame, as well as Billboard's 2015 Woman of the Year.

These prestigious honors were complemented by a turn at her first big acting role in FX's "American Horror Story: Hotel." She had previously done a couple of cameos in some lower budget films (never for TV), therefore many saw this as her biggest challenge yet. Her role as The Countess surprised fans and critics alike, and in turn, she recently received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Limited TV Series. We'll find out if she'll win the award this Sunday, Jan. 10. (She has a huge chance, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association loves to honor left-field nominees or first-time actors who are A-listers).

When one takes all of this into consideration and puts her past year into perspective, it only makes sense that the Oscars will be next. Last year, she proved that owning the Oscars stage was easy. However, for 2016, Gaga's got her eyes on the prize.

She teamed with 7-time Original Song Oscar nominee Diane Warren to co-write and co-produce a song titled "Til It Happens to You" from a documentary called "The Hunting Ground" that focuses on sexual assault and rape on campus. The lyrics of the song touch on Gaga's very own personal experience with the subject matter. She's performed it on countless different occasions in front of important crowds (one being in front of the Academy's music branch at an Oscar luncheon), and she's done multiple interviews about the song and the film itself. Many would say that she's most definitely campaigning for the nomination, but who could blame her? When she's already been in the conversation, why not try hard to not only put yourself out there, but also the importance of the song itself.

Next Thursday, Jan. 14, I would expect the team of Gaga/Warren to be one of the five nominees in the Original Song Oscar category. Whether Gaga will win the award or not is up for debate, but Warren's 7-time losing streak can only help Gaga's matters in the race for Oscar gold. Also, she's coming off a very strong year, and the Academy just might be looking to reward her year and incredible performance last year all for this special song that came from a special place.

The Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb. 28 on ABC.

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