What are the Basic of Learning How to Write Movie Scripts?

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Script writing is one of the most glorious forms of writing you can learn. It’s easy once you learn the proper structure and rules, and the possibilities of stories you can tell are only limited if you plan to shot a highly budgeted movie. If you have no such plans then you’re options are almost unlimited.

The only problem with learning how to write in proper screenplay format, is that it’s not really shown in school and unless you have tons of money to spend on film school, you’ll never learn how to. But this article is here to help teach you the basics of learning screenplay format and coming up with creative ideas to write about and almost completely no money needed to get started.

1.Read Movie Scripts

The best thing about the internet is the endless supplies of information available. Go online and type in a movie title along with the word “script”. You’ll find a ton of movie scripts to read and to get yourself familiar with the format.

Reading good scripts are important, because you learn the basics of telling a cohesive story that can actually be used by big companies.

Reading bad scripts are just as important, so that you can see the mistakes that beginning writers like yourself make and how you could avoid making the same mistakes.

2.Watch Movies

Watching movies will help you learn the pacing of a good screenplay. The way characters talk and the times important plot points are introduced and then ended.

Good movies know invoke emotion, show not tell, and properly introduce characters and settings.

Bad movies usually have bad pacing, incomplete plots, and characters that aren't as flush out as they should be.

Just like with reading, watch the good and the bad movies to learn how you should be done and how it shouldn't be done.

3.Write Movie Scripts

The best way to learn how to write screenplays is by actually writing. Write every day and get the feeling for it. You’ll learn a lot faster if you actually put the pen to paper and put your ideas down now.

More than likely whatever you write now will be horrible and not even worthy of being read, but overtime you will get better and learn what works for you. The more practice you get now, the better you’ll be later.

All of today’s most highly respected screenwriters started off by taking these steps. They learned from watching, paying attention and practicing their craft day in and day out. If you want to learn, follow these steps and maybe one today, you too, will submit an award winning screenplay.

Guys like Paul Thomas Anderson, Quentin Tarantino, and Spike Lee all started from humble beginnings and had no idea the basics of screenwriting until they actually got involved. They learned how to write movie scripts and so can you.

And remember script writing is a creative medium, so always remain creative and open minded about new and exciting ideas.

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